Sanitation is key to limiting the available sources of food for roaches. Make sure to vacuum all cracks and crevices to minimize food crumbs.

Turf Tech Testimonials

Nutri-Turf has been associated with Turf Tech for 20 years and in that time we have never experienced a problem. We consider Turf tech to be both highly professional in their business and very knowledgeable understanding proper turfgrass management principles. Nutri-Turf considers their reputation to be of the highest standards.
Scott S. Heckler - Manager, Farm Operations - Nutri-Turf Sod Farm
We have used Turf Tech for many years and they have done a great job for us and our customers. We recommend them to all our maintance accounts and anyone that calls and needs a spray program. In 30 years of running Greenthumb we have tried others but not since we found Turf Tech.

Bigger is not always better and I tell my customers a company is only as good as their employees. Don't be fooled by the green frog or the guy that tells you they are the biggest in the United States. Pick a company with good supervision and we have found that with Turf Tech.
Rob Soldner - Greenthumb Landscapers Inc